29/01/2023 - 00:09

As the world is entering in to the age of knowledge and education, all works of lives becomes priority throughout our knowledge race. Our students are very keen to pounce on and tap the international standard learning process. SITM is waking up for renaissance, starving for development, pressing readiness to acquire their technology and knowledge.


Our SITM College has the vision to become the Centre par excellence among private self-financing colleges, and fulfilling the intellectual, academic, technical and professionals. Students through the creation of simulating, enabling, empowering and supportive learning environments that incorporate the finest educational practices, standards and procedures, tradition of the education system.


SITM college offers proven educational services in line with the best education system that are designed to develop young people within a reasonable time frame to become independent learners with well developed and practiced learning strategies and techniques of their own structure, who posses a sound foundation of well-rounded general knowledge and inquiring mind and a strong motivation and confidence as well as the interpersonal skills to pursue different fields of specialized effective studies, at an advance educational standard level to structure and face there own future .